dagstarfilm is an independent film production company based in Cologne, which produces children-, teen- and family features as well as high-quality international films and documentaries with a special emphasis on young European cinema.
dagstarfilm disposes of a large network of contacts both at home and abroad. Producer Dagmar Niehage benefits from her experiences in collaborating with production companies from the USA, Canada, Norway, France, Israel, Denmark, Lithuania, Italy and the UK.


Dagmar Niehage

With more than fifteen years experience in the industry, holding positions as producer, production manager, postproduction supervisor, Dagmar Niehage founded her own production company dagstarfilm in 2006. Until 2017 she produced and co-produced nine feature films and documentaries. Credits include the road-movie LOW LIGHTS (participated Karlovy Vary IFF among other 30 festivals) and the German family movie PATTYS CATCHUP (aka POMMES ESSEN, released in German cinemas by FarbfilmVerleih, Free-TV premiere 2014 at ARD, nominated “Goldener Spatz”, for German critic awards, for script award “Kindertiger”, participated at more than 20 festivals).

Dagmar Niehage is member of the German Film Academy since 2012 and member of the Filmbuero NW since 2011.

After going through different stages at the COLOGNE GEMINI Group (nowadays “Warner Bros. International Television Production”), she was responsible for several national as well as international film productions by COLOGNE GEMINI from 2000-2005, both as producer and production manager: among others as producer (METALLIC BLUES, D/ISR/CA), coordinator of IWP Fonds film productions (BLAST, D/USA, JOE AND MAX, D/USA, TRIGGERMEN, D/CA), production manager of TV movies and sitcoms (ZDF “Wilsberg – Ausgegraben”, “Wilsberg – Falsches Spiel”, RTL “Bernds Hexe” 4th season), as well as post-production supervisor of international film productions (I AM DINA, D/DK/NOR/F).

In 2006 she was participant of the Berlinale Talent Campus and founded dagstarfilm. Moreover she is scholarship holder of the German “Mediengruenderzentrum” since 2006.