What We Leave Behind

Time to talk. About everything.
Nothing else changes so much as the past.
The film by sisters, which inspires for sisterhood.

Two sisters from Lithuania – a filmmaker and a photographer – go on a journey through their German grandmother’s past, who committed suicide at the age of 72… Read more

Parallax Sounds Chicago

The urban landscape of Chicago, as well as the postrock music that was born there, captures an exact image of the voracity, vulnerability, malleability and disorientation of the so-called Generation X, of post-modern existence and of the vast chaos of globalized mass culture. From rock and blues, postrock receives the ability to clearly describe reality and unrest of all kinds, and to accurately record the changes of modern life… Read more

Patty’s Catchup (German title: Pommes Essen)

The struggle of Patty’s family’s Imbiss versus uncle Walther’s chain of fast food restaurants, fighting to guard the secret her family inherited: the best ever German sausage sauce! Smart and ambitious, teenage Patty finally realizes that the recipe to her own happiness is to use her talent to support her family. A “Heimat” film about pride, betrayal and family ties… Read more

Low Lights

A road movie, buddy picture and romance rolled into one, Low Lights pivots on a love triangle that evolves when two men and a woman take to ritual night driving. Transforming cold urban space into something charged with excitement, the drives provide the hope the trio so desperately needs… Read more

The Stoplight Society (La sociedad del semáforo)

Stoplights are hell for the people forced out of the countryside to beg in the city. One of them, Raul, a recycler alienated through his desire for absolute freedom and drugs, is set on using his cleverness to control the red traffic lights so that the street artists and vendors working at the lights can perform longer. This resembles his chaotic existence which turns into an ode to anarchy, despair and insanity… Read more