Itsy Bitsy Joy

Feature film, Family Entertainment, 90min
Written by: Patricia Eckermann
Co-Writer: Dagmar Niehage
Script-Consultant: Toks K├Ârner
Treatment funded by: FFA
Development funded by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

ITSY BITSY JOY is family entertainment, a music movie with a black girl as the main character. JOY (14) loves 60s/70s funk & soul music – sings and dances for her life – but only at home in the kitchen of her white grandma, with whom Joy lives together with her white father. She secretly dreams of being on stage with her hip-hop lyrics. She faces her biggest challenge when she takes part in a school song contest, has to prove herself in a band with Liam and her arch-enemy Becky and learns to stand up for herself and not bend for others.