My Life as Lotta – Okey Dokey Alpaca!

Feature film, Family Entertainment, 90min
Adaptation of the children bestseller books MEIN LOTTA-LEBEN by Alice Pantermüller and Daniela Kohl, published by ARENA VERLAG
Production: Dagstar Film & Lieblingsfilm 
Co-production: Senator Film Köln, ZDF
Distributor: Wild Bunch Germany
Producers: Dagmar Blume-Niehage (Dagstar Film), Philipp Budweg (Lieblingsfilm)
Co-Producers: Sonja Ewers, Marc Gabizon
with backing from: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, MOIN Filmförderung HH SH, nordmedia – Film-und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen, BKM-Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien/Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds

Director: Martina Plura
Script: Bettina Börgerding
After a novel by: Alice Pantermüller
Illustrations: Daniela Kohl
Line Producer: Thomas Blieninger

Cast: Meggy Hussong, Yola Streese, Levi Kazmaier, Timothy Scannell, Oliver Mommsen, Sarah Hostettler, Cara Vondey, Laila Ziegler, Laura Tonke, Katia Fellin, Amelia Lammers, Lovena Borschmann-Ziegler, Mina Lindenschmidt, Robert Paul Eitelberg, Jonas Maurice Spaeth, Rocco Noam Dorbach, Emil Janeba and Lars Rudolph

DOP: Monika Plura
Production design: Bertram Strauß
Costume design: Sarah Raible, Minsun Kim
Makeup: Kerstin Baar, Bettina Heyl
Music by: Helmut Zerlett, Markus Aust
Sound recordist: Leo Aderhold
Casting: Johanna Hellwig

Lotta just can’t wait for her first school trip. But then the children are to be accompanied not only by Lottas best friend Cheyenne’s little sister Chanel, but also Lotta’s father volunteers to accompany the class as a chaperon. Oh, good heavens! Then, to make matters worse, their new French classmate Rémi has a huge crush on Lotta. And as if that wasn’t already bad enough, the youth hostel seems to be weird. Rooms disappear, Chanel disappears, there’s also a photo of a lost girl. What is this all about? Are there any connections to an old legend of a poltergeist? Fortunately, there are Lottas gang “The Wild Rabbits” – you can always rely on them.

Official website: Mein Lotta-Leben – Alles Tschaka mit Alpaka
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